Early Burning Man

5549 – Early Burning Man

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This is a pretty cool video clip of the man burning early: CLIP

I missed it, because I got there around 730AM from driving the whole night (12 hours) there was no way I could stay up. The next morning I heard about it, and I looked and could see it from my camp, all charred and limp. I thought it was funny. I thought it was well within the spirit of the event. Heck, even Larry Harvey himself thought it was pretty funny. He was one of the founders of Burning Man. Heck, he built the original “Men”. He laughed, he says so himself on this little clip: CLIP

Next time they should save the money, and let it burn… Then again, a bunch of people got to see two burns, and a lot of newbies got to see the pinnacle of their event.

Personally it’s about the whole week, not just the Burning of the Man.



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NELA Code 415G Ride – Tren Way BG and Armadillos 42 are joining forces and riding this Wednesday, Dec 27th. Meet at Mr.T’s Bowl (Near Gold-line – Highland Park Station) around 9PM. We’ll lube up then roll out when we feel like it.

All riders welcome.

Mr.T’s Bowl – 5621 1/2 FIGUEROA ST in Highland Park. Take Metro GOLD LINE to the Highland park station Ave 57.

Santa Season

Santa Rampage

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Two of Los Angeles’s biggest events are occurring back to back – This Friday and Saturday, December 8th and 9th.

Santa, got a bike?
The 8th will be the umpteeth monthly Midnight Ridazz – also known as the best and biggest rolling party in the US, if not the World. This month’s theme is the All City Toy Ride. Ridazz from all over the city will gather in Downtown LA. An unwrapped gift, valued between $5-$25, is suggested. I’m hoping to introduce some SantaCon regulars to the joys of Midnight Ridazz. I will be decked out in my SantaCon gear and riding from the Northeast LA (NELA) starting point. I’m hoping that some of you Santas would join me. NELA Ridazz will be starting at the Highland Park METRO Red line station (near Mr.T’s Bowl) at 9:45PM. This is a late night BIKE RIDE.

Ridazz, got a Santa Suit?
The 9th will be LA SantaCon 2006 – also known as LA’s Santarchist Santa Rampage, The Red Menace, Santarchy. Imagine hundreds of Santas prowling the streets of LA spreading holiday cheer in the most obnoxious, obscene and joyful way. Maybe some pictures will help to understand. LA’s Santacon events will start at Phillipe’s at Noon. I’m hoping that some Ridazz would join me, put on their best (or worst) Santa outfits and experience Santarchy. I will be riding my bike from NELA to the start, Union Station. This event is NOT a bike ride. We will be locking our bikes up at Union Station. This event is not for children, faint of heart, or easily offended.

Can you handle it?