LA Bunny Hop 05

Tittles, i mean Titles

L.A. BUNNY HOP – SAT APR 2nd 2005

A Formal Bunny Attire affair.

Starts at NOON at Mr. T’s Bowl

5621 1/2 N Figueroa St – 90042 – 323-256-7561

Bring $3 cash for METRO RAIL PASS

Note: Get your pass EARLY! Avoid the bottleneck at the Ticket Machines.


Am I prepared? If you have $3 in cash and some sort of bunny-wear, you meet the minimum requirements. If you want to drink at the bars, eat at the tacoshop, tip the strippers and donate to the Church of the Megaphone w/ Siren, then you’ll need more money. Otherwise, you have everything you need.

Where should I park? I suggest you park at your nearest Metro Station, get the $3 Metro Day Pass and take the Metro to the Highland Park Station off the Gold-Line. But you can just drive to Mr.T’s and park in the back. It’s $1 for 10 hours, but you only will need about 6 hour because the meters only run until 6pm. has much more info on how to get there. Also note that the Metro Rails stop service at about 1230AM and resume around 4AM.

After Parties? The LA Bunny Hop officially ends somewhere in Hollywood. Exact location is unknown at this time. Where you go is up to you. There is this: and probably several clubs and parties happening. It’s spring break, so parties, yeah there are lots of those.

This is the ambitious LA Bunny Hop Itinerary. Due to mama-gaia, your mom, our dads, or other freaks of nature. The schedule may (and WILL) be off by any number or minutes or hours. One thing is for almost certain, we wont be at any of those places early. Late is more likely. Now is a good time to gather cell-numbers of your bunny buddy. Portable FRS radios work well too.

Remember, be nice to the people that serve us drinks & food. They are our friends. Your mom isn’t here to pick up your shit. So clean up after yourself. Have fun and don’t get yourself arrested for something stupid like theft. We’re all adults here (right?). Keep an eye out for stray bunnies. Solidarity is key to keeping from getting arrested. Make buddies with the bunny next to you. If you plan on doing something stupid (stupid enough to get arrested) do it on your own time. Make sure you write your lawyer’s number on your arm with a sharpie. The rest of us will be having a good time without you. Don’t jeopardize our fun at the expense of your dumbness.

So stick together and lets police ourselves. And the big answers to the public’s questions: Who’s In Charge? What is the meaning to this? Well, lie. Don’t give out emails, numbers or URLs. You’re just along for the ride, why? Only you can answer that anyway.

When you decide to quit, just back-track the way you came. Bunnies will start to burn-out as soon as the sun goes down. It’s a good time to find out if other bunnies will be heading back. The rest will keep driving West. For some bunnies the sundown is their second wind. Remember trains run until 12:30 AM and start back up at 4:00 AM.


1:00 PM Depart Highland Park Station (Pasadena Bound) to Allen Ave. Station

Pueblo Tacos #2 (beer & food, 1 block North. Corner of Allen & E. Maple.)
Shuttles to and from Bunny Museum (An insane bunny collection)

3:00 PM Depart Allen Ave Station (Union Stn Bound) to Memorial Park Station

Memorial Park (Egg Hunt & playtime)
The Armory (Art Museum)
Wine Tasting (WINE!)

5:00 PM Depart Memorial Park Station (Union Stn Bound) to Union Station

Olvera Street (why not? they love us)

7:00 PM Depart Union Station (Red Line – N. Hollywood Bound) to Western Ave. Station

Jumbos Clown Room (Pasties. East on Hollywood, few blocks of a walk)

9:00 PM Depart Western Station (N.Ho Bound) to Hollywood & Highland Station

Barhopping (Drink a beer – then MOVE ON)
Powerhouse (Pabst on tap! They’re expecting us.)
Scooby’s Hotdogs (punk show, we’re invited.)

On the way home PLEASE stop by Mr.T’s again and thank them. Buy a drink while you are there!

30 thoughts on “LA Bunny Hop 05

  1. MR. T’s Bowl is making a special drink menu for us. Let’s be sure to come back and hit them up one last time before we finish. (thats where are our cars will be anyways)

    Remember, 1$ in quarters for the meter for all day.

  2. Man, I’m 6’4, 225 pounds. Where the #$%^&*(~)! am I going to find a bunny costume that will fit me?! Does anyone have an idea where I could find one? Please… I wanna get drunk and hop like everyone else!

  3. Cheap bunny suit that fits nearly anyone:

    $3 for a pair of bunny ears from Walgreens. May be on sale now that easter is over.

    $10 for a white coverall painters suit from Home Depot.

    $2 for a plushie from a thrift store, which you will cut it’s ass off for it’s tail, and do whatever you want with the rest.

    Spray paint and markers optional for color.

  4. Hey guys! Sounds like a blast! I’ve got to be in Santa Monica by 9:00 PM. Do we have an estimated time of completion??? Will other bunnys be heading back to Mr.T’s from the last stop in Hollywood??? Thnx!

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