The Benevolent (dis)Order of the Stray Couches vs. Pastafarians, aka followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM)

flying spaghetti monster sighted

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In the eyes of a Pastafarian, we would be considered Spagnostics. This is because they feel we don’t believe in their Spagedeity, the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM). It’s not a matter of belief, as it is one of denial or shruggery. We all know the true God is ERIS. Recognizing Eris as our patron diety does, on the contrary, awknowledge that there are other deities, therefore the Spaghetti Flying Monster is acceptable as being part of a long line of gods. Unfortunately, for followers of FSM, the FSM is a false god. Nowhere in world history is the FSM mentioned. The Pastafarian will argue that it His intent, to be missing from History, it’s His sense of humor. If anything I would like to declare FSM as Brigiadier Saint(1) in the POEE tradition of the Discordian Society.

(1) Principia Discordia, pg. 00060.

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