I don’t post often. Especially lately. But it’s because I’ve been busy with my gaming venture, my zine:

I used posterous to host my blog for a few years, I liked it because it did the best job of being a one-stop shop for posting my crap. Whether it was pics, rants or short 140 letter blasts about my online radio show on But asically I’ve mostly been over at blogger/blogspot. 

Some of you, though, keep tabs here. Well this is disappearing on April 30th. My sporatic blogging will continue as usual, so check and change your bookmarks or RSS feeds to the following:

General rants and raves:

Sharing and connecting:


Crawl! fanzine:

There are some stuff that isn’t found anywhere but here. I plan to archive this stuff over at wordpress. It’s doubtful I’ll ever update that site. But we’ll see. I barely bloggy-blog. But I do share and post shit over at Google+ a lot. I do need to find a replacement for Posterous (post one place, and it propagates to the appropriate site). I’m open for ideas.




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