I Really Hate Cilantro

I'm OK with the fact that lots of people like disgusting things, like onions. I've pretty much figured out that I'm a Super Taster because I can definitely taste things that no one else can. Onions are the worst. They typically make me puke, especially when they're fresh. When they're stewed down to a cellulous blob, they're practically not onions any more. So I'm OK with that. But cilantro, fuck you. One little speck ruins my food. I really don't get what you're "loving" about cilantro. The best I can describe is it tastes like what I imagine alkaline in batteries taste like. It's metallic and overpowering. It doesn't make me puke, like onions, but it still ruins my food. People chop it up like parsley, so it's pretty much impossible to get every bit. But it only takes a tiny bit to ruin my food. 

What the hell are you tasting when you eat cilantro? I taste corroded metal dipped in sulfuric acid.

Posted via email from Th’ Reverend Dak Post