Google Plus…

So I finally got a Google+ account. Typically I'm an early adopter or beta tester, I got crap  like Gmail, Google Wave, and a bunch of other Google crap before most people. I was kind of bugged when others were getting Plus before I did, but when everyone started saying that "it's like Eff-book", I stopped being too annoyed. I ditched Eff-book and My_what's-its_Space for a reason. 

Now I never did have a problem with Blogs, I have a ton. I had blogs when they were called Personal Websites, and I had to rewrite (i.e. cut & paste) code everytime I wanted to update the page. I did that until I was able to get some cgi-bin access, and then I was able to use some scripts to do the very same shit that *diaryland* and *livejournal* did when they first came out, and what Blogger/Blogspot and WordPress do now. So I wonder how effective this Google+ will be as a Blog engine replacement. As much as people are addicted and trapped in Eff-book, people still blog. I know some people were using Myspace for blogging, and I'm sure people were starting to use Eff-book for blogging too. But Blogs never died. I bet you can thank RSS feeders for adding new life to that segment of the internet worlds.

So I'm wondering if Google+ will pull in my RSS feeds and mix it in with Buzz and/or Twitter and throw in Stream Posts on top of it. Or is that not the point? At this moment I don't see the point of Google+'s Stream. Especially if it's just _another_ Google Buzz. I'd rather keep that shit separate.

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