Discordian Bicycle Ride – Fri Oct. 10th


Midnight Ridazz: THE DISC0rdi2N R!D3

Friday, 10-10-08

Meet: 9PM @ Olympic & Broadway

That’s in Downtown Los Angeles for you transplants and foreigners.
Roll Out: 10PM @ Promptly!

Dress up as whatever the FNUK you want. It’s not going to matter!

Bring your own drinks, if you got ’em! Stock up now, because there
aren’t going to be any liquor stops.
Especially if/when you need them.

We’re Riding For
Absolutely Everything
Worth Knowing About
Absolutely Anything

No two equals are the same!

Don’t MISS OUT on the SPOKE CARDS. Don’t be late for the HOT DOGS, no

brought to you by the –
Reverend Dakota Jeeze Ultimak
The Secret Sacred Minister of the Sacred Secret Ministry
Prime Sinister of the Benevolent (dis)Order of the Stray Couches
Part-time Santa