Isn’t that a song? “Come on! Coagulation time, come on!”

Ok, so I live in LA. And LA is basically synonymous with Hollywood to most of the people in the world. Right now a lot of Hollywood, specifically the TV industry, is frozen because the Writer’s Guild is on strike. What this means is no new TV sitcoms and dramas, more repeats and more Reality TV. Got it? So crappy TV gets even crappier. It really doesn’t matter much to me, because pretty much all good TV is found on Cable, and Cable TV doesn’t seem to be effected by the Writer’s Guild. I really don’t know. I really don’t care. Personally I will never cross picket lines because I believe what strikes stand for. I don’t care for unions, but I do care for workers rights. People need unions, i don’t need unions, but I digress… I have an idea for a prank. We dress up like scabs, carry pads of paper or notebooks, and sit across from the striking writers, and start writing episodes for our favorite TV. Especially the ones we hate. And the hilarity ensues. Yes, this is a bad idea. But bad ideas tend to be the best.

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