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Hack: Firearms!

Swords, Wizardry and Firearms!

Swords, Wizardry and Firearms!

This is a sneaky post because I know most people don’t read this site.

I have a new zine, you can read the whole story here:

It should start shipping next week. but you can pre-order it now!

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This guy started it: I decided to take on the challenge and not just stop at a cover, but make a full on zine using the last several posts from my D&D Blog (which is found here: All articles appeared there first.)

Some of the posts were plugs for Crawl!, so I thought I’d get clever and make them ads. I also took a plug for the DCC RPG PDF and made that an ad too. It took me few hours, most of it spent formatting text and re-doing some art so it matches a style that I like. I highly recommend comparing the original posts with the ones found in the zine. No way was I perfect, but the analog version was fun to figure out. As a special bonus, it features new art from Crawl! fanzine and an early version of an article that will be appearing in Crawl! No.2! Best of all, I’m making this available free as a PDF, in both a readable and printable format. I might also release it as an epub ebook, we’ll see.

Any way, I present to you REV. DAK D.M., zine no. 8:

PDF for reading

PDF for printing The “for printing” version is formatted (impossed) for double-sided (duplex) printing on Letter sized paper (A4 should work fine, too.) Just print double-sided, fold & staple!

If someone wants me to send them a printed version, I can do that! Dwolla, Paypal or Google Wallet $2 ($3 if you’re in Canada, and $3.50 overseas) to or just email me. Make sure you let me know what you’re buying (DAK, D.M. No.8). Keep in mind that this won’t be the highest quality paper (Crawl! will be printed on premium paper.) This will be cheap, but cool. Also note that there aren’t any back issues. Issues 1 through 7 don’t exist!

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I’ve decided to create an imprint to publish all my crap. It’ll be STRAYCOUCHES PRESS. Yes, it’s awkward to say, stranger to spell, but I’ve been using straycouches as my domain for a while, and it feels right to me. I’ll be using the same website,, as the website as well.

It’s hard to believe that I’ll be using using the skills that I learned at school for something productive. I have no plans on getting rich doing this, but I want to publish books, zines and other printed arts outside of the boring internet. I have several books lined up. The first will be outside of the Straycouches Press Imprint for a while, but it is by all means a Straycouches publication. It’s called Crawl! Fanzine. It’s a zine dedicated to the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. Next up is top secret. It will likely not be authorized by its actual contributers, but I figure that it should be shared, and that’s my goal and reasoning for publishing it. I expect trouble. 

I also plan to publish some books on security culture and online security. Online security? Ironic, I know, but if it’s analog, it’s harder to be censored.

These first publications will be zines. Analog, laser printed, hand-folded & stapled zines. The analog nature of zines is what I’m interested in doing. Later on I’ll publish actual books. Which isn’t much different than printing zines, only more expensive. Costs are a huge factor considering I’m broke. I’ll also consider publishing ebooks. Likely in the epub format first, possibly later in mobi/kindle and pdf. But I’m not too interested in those formats, yet. (Also ironically, all the books will created as PDF for print. I just don’t plan to release them as suck.)

All the software I will be using will be open-source, or availably freely. I’ll be using Scribus for desktop publishing, Inkscape for logos and designs, and gimp and Paint.NET for raster graphics. Paint.NET, although not OpenSource, is freely available for Windows and does 99% of the image modifications I need quickly and easily. But Inkscape & Scribus is where all the real work is done.

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